Dr. Nick Mertziotis M.D. PhD

President of Hellenic Association for Focal Therapy

Head of Reconstructive Urology and Surgical Andrology Clinic,Metropolitan Hospital



Dr.Mertziotis and his team covers with the most advanced methods of both the classical field of Urology, as well as that of the reconstruction of urinary tract and the genital system of the man, the woman and the child, regardless of their origin due to congenital abnormalities or because of previous injuries (e.g. traffic accidents previous interventions, complications, etc).

Dr.Mertziotis’ team has considerable experience in treating Urologic Cancers (prostate, bladder, kidneys, etc.), benign prostate hyperplasia and kidney lithiasis (stones). It has received additional training in Urogynecology (bladder control problems, incontinence and prolapse), on male sexuality (erectile dysfunction or impotence, infertility and sexual reproduction problems), Reconstructive Urology, as well as in laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

The Team uses the most updated surgical methods which are characterized by minimal invasive techniques. The latest technology equipment we possess is undoubtedly a key ally in our work.We are among the first teams  in Europe to apply laser focal therapy for prostate cancer gained considerable experience  with excellent results.

Each person's needs are unique. Department’s priority is to develop a relationship with patients based on trust. Team’s aim is to offer the best services in all levels for each person for as long as the treatment takes.


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